The River Club

How would you like to join “The River Club”?

What is “The River Club”?
The “River Club” is a group of people who choose to help support WLDX in regular monthly monetary contributions to cover the basic needs of operating WLDX.  Whether it’s $20 or $50 a month, monthly contributions are greatly appreciated and welcomed!

Where does the money go?
All monthly contributions through “The River Club” will be used in 2 ways…
-Basic Operational Costs, utilities, equipment needs, upgrades
-River Ministries Needs, Food Pantry supplies

What do I get in return for being a “River Club” member?
Being a “River Club” member definitely has its perks! Once you become a “River Club” member, you’ll receive….

– A quarterly newsletter giving you information on what’s happening at “The River”, including upcoming events, concerts, news, articles and area church happenings.

– “River Club” members will also be AUTOMATICALLY entered into our give-away drawings! So far, here at WLDX, we’ve given away gift certificates, Alabama Football tickets, even VACATIONS! You never know what you can win and as a “River Club” member, you’re already eligible!

– For “River Club” PREMIUM Members…Instant upgrades to WLDX Presents events at no extra cost! When a WLDX Presents…Concert comes up, you can purchase a general admission ticket and just let us know you’re a “River Club” member and we’ll escort you to the front rows! PREMIUM MEMBERS also automatically are placed as an on air sponsor of our “Call To Prayer” campaign!

– Lastly, you get the satisfaction of knowing you are a part of something great in Fayette County and Northwest Alabama. As a “River Club” member, you’re a big part of bringing FM radio to Fayette County for the first time in history, you’re a big part of the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ being broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! As a “River Club” member, you’re a big part of helping to bring unity in the Church, reaching out to those in need, striving to remove the face of division among God’s people and unapologetically sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

How do I become a member?
Simply click on the link below and choose your level of membership “subscription” for monthly deductions and “BOOM”, you’re a member! Your membership will need to be renewed after 12 months.

Pick A Membership