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Birthdays & Anniversaries from WLDX!

June 24

Charles Baskerville

Russell a.k.a Butch Beede

Mary Cunningham

Connie Hathcock

Larry Hindman

Sam Hollingsworth

Dwight Moore

Ward Pierce

Caroline Taylor Reddington

Emily Ann Robertson

Patricia Rogers Walters

Gena Sapp

Angie Scruggs

Dwight Smith

Pamela Smith

Barbara Sudduth

Bro. Bobby Terrell

Bro. Bobby Terrell

Eli Tucker

Devan Tyree

Kentlee Wheat

Creolor Whitson

Mr. & Mrs. Bart Ary

David & Dana Nelson

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Stowe

Mr & Mrs Sonny Walker

Delmarie Sanford

Mose Wilson

June 25

Miriam Aldridge

Christy Ballard

Doris Brasher

Brandon Bryan

Greg Cargile

Ray Clark

Nykki Doety

Christine Fulmer

Hannah Hardy

Scott Kemp

Abbie Lollar

Annie Ruth Maddox - LTCC

Taylor Musgrove

Huston Porter

Anslie Stough

Mary Strittman

Lynsey Walker

Mike & Diane Bradshaw

Jimmy & Ruby Farris

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Herren

Jim & Kathy Jones

Yvonne Archie

Sandy Doss

Carlos Nelson

June 26

Kenneth Dawson

Gene Deal

Nadra Lacey

Justice Mayfield

Amanda Odom

Clarissa Shackleford

Carson Barry Stough

Hannah Vice

Roy & Bobbie Feltman

Rusty & Donna Fields

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hindman

Terry & Mary Lollar

Mr. & Mrs. Whitney Oswalt

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Porter

Katie Pendley

Buddy Shelton

Michael Vann

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'I'M GLAD HE GOT SHOT' Dem official removed after Scalise shooting comment | WAS IT MURDER? Missing 14-year-old girl's body found in Texas landfill | IS THIS TOO REVEALING? Woman allegedly kicked out of pool over swimsuit | THE TRUMP EFFECT? Number of refugees admitted drops 50 percent under new administration | Pelosi confronts Dem backlash from the young and the restless - VIDEO: Some Democrats calling for Pelosi’s ouster - MSNBC analyst likens Trump to a 'suicide bomber' - Judge Jeanine: Dems pushing 'anti-American' message of hate - Cavuto: Do Democrats have any heart at all? | London fire: 800 London apartments evacuated over fire safety concerns | EXCLUSIVE: Trump considering Camp David-style summit to unite Arab leaders to fight terrorism - Qatar's neighbors issue demands to end Gulf crisis | Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Asra Nomani accuse Dem senators of ignoring them in hearing |

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