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'I'M GLAD HE GOT SHOT' Dem official removed after Scalise shooting comment | WAS IT MURDER? Missing 14-year-old girl's body found in Texas landfill | IS THIS TOO REVEALING? Woman allegedly kicked out of pool over swimsuit | THE TRUMP EFFECT? Number of refugees admitted drops 50 percent under new administration | Pelosi confronts Dem backlash from the young and the restless - VIDEO: Some Democrats calling for Pelosi’s ouster - MSNBC analyst likens Trump to a 'suicide bomber' - Judge Jeanine: Dems pushing 'anti-American' message of hate - Cavuto: Do Democrats have any heart at all? | London fire: 800 London apartments evacuated over fire safety concerns | EXCLUSIVE: Trump considering Camp David-style summit to unite Arab leaders to fight terrorism - Qatar's neighbors issue demands to end Gulf crisis | Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Asra Nomani accuse Dem senators of ignoring them in hearing |

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